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RDFND and K1NG ELJAY presents....

The retelling. This is a re-release (in spirit) of the two EPs released last year, but with a twist. This Director's Cut is a self-aware journey back through the creation (and execution) of a created character that almost became...more.

This is the CLVRFLD LP.

Download it for free for bonus content, and be sure to share/tell a friend if you rock with it.


released September 30, 2016




K1NG ELJAY Birmingham, Alabama

I think Sprite is God's nectar to man, and if you disagree, leave my page.

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Track Name: Ready Up [prod. K1NG ELJAY]
Bars aren’t cool anymore, they’re all cliche /
that’s what they want you to think until you hit play
and hear a set of lines that give you the instant screwface /
but when’s the last time you heard that from a whole tape? /
Hi, my name’s ELJAY, I’m here to say hey /
so let me just get at you while actually rapping circles past you /
CLVRFLD’s in town /
about to burn this b*tch /
down like Anthony Anderson thinkin’ bout White Castle /

There's a soundbyte here. Good stuff. Back to the lyrics:

More Kid Buu than Majin I ain’t sayin (Saiyan) /
I’ve unplugged all the controllers to prove that I ain’t playin /
I ain’t resting in my home with the ball in my court /
I’m Patrick Ewing in Game 7, homie, I can’t lay in /
Mash on the gas, hope I don’t end up like Brandy /
with some other driver’s brains on my dash in a crash /
but my drive is unmatched, when it comes to impossible tasks /
Barry Allen in a 40-yard dash /
I’ll run that in a flash, giving shots for free /
on this entire EP thank God I covered tab /
thank God you got offended and subtracted yourself /
from the equation calculated, thank God I know my math /
thank God my last exes ain’t try to shoot me or stab--well /
one of them did... so I think I’ll pass on that /
Killed that friendship to maintain my habitat /
That was the aftermath, ain’t nothin’ after that /
to be said, so hey, back to these bars /
back to this fitting session for my garments as Jafar /
I play the villain well… I really make it my own /
and plus I’m clever when I reappear in these different forms /
Dr. Robotnik couldn’t knock me out my zone /
I’m so *NSYNC when I’m "Gone" off the deep end in these songs /
I rap I rap and I rap, I think up lines in my dome /
but then I step to a track, and then I black like an African runner /
sprinting for gold, ok you (Hustle and Flow) but if you /
try me like you’re (Iron, Man) you’re cut from my script, /
why don’t you ask (Terrence Howard) how grimey it can get, /
you go from being a (War Machine) to a (TV show pimp) /
God they swear they wanna box with You /
but they can’t even step in a ring with me lyrically, I gotta see this /
And after you get knocked out for being irreverent /
Put on your apron on and go and fix me another deep dish...
Ready Up.
Track Name: CLVRFLD Anthem [prod. K1NG ELJAY]
How do i start, how in the /
hell do i even begin, guess I’ll just /
start at the end, sorry for all of the /
drama that people can sense, sorry for /
not being true to myself, sorry for /
letting the B.S. contend, sorry for /
not blacking out on a track a bit earlier /
sorry for not going in, sorry for /
not being sorry at all, sorry that /
all of it had to fall down, before i /
realized that i had people around me that didn’t want /
me they just wanted my crown, when it got /
rough, n*ggas just bounced, no one asked /
why in the hell i was down, picked myself /
up, didn’t ask why, couldn’t just /
wallow right there on the ground, but even /
then, as i looked near me I noticed a /
couple that stayed and the shakiness and i just /
prayed, God if you see what i see make a /
way for me to just remove the stress /
the confirmation spilled out only days later on /
timelines all on the internet and i just /
stayed, quiet and watched like “I can’t be /
lieve all of that’s on Wordpress”... I should’ve /
seen it from the beginning, people ain’t /
want me they wanted the vision, that didn’t /
work so they wanted division, thankful to /
God that ain’t deter the mission, miss me with /
all of it… those misconceptions were /
blessings and out came this monster so it’s no /
wonder you couldn’t listen to Eljay go /
Contra, at the time you were the sponsor

This is my story, this is my song /
tired of n*ggas I’m tired of n*ggas /
I’m dealing with people like all day long /
tired of n*ggas i’m tired of n*ggas /
people they treat me like i don’t belong /
they misunderstand me they think i’m a n*gga /
so maybe for now i’ll just play along /
they want a n*gga well they got a n*gga
Now This is my story, this is my song /
tired of n*ggas I’m tired of n*ggas i’m tired /
I’m dealing with people like all day long /
tired of n*ggas i’m tired of n*ggas i’m tired /
people they treat me like i don’t belong /
they misunderstand me they think i’m a n*gga i tried/
so maybe for now i’ll just play along /
they want a n*gga, they got a n*gga well they got a-


...killin’ them all, CLVRFLD’s /
born and he’s havin’ a ball, talkin’ so /
reckless on tracks that I made, hard to /
remember how God gave me grace, but i was /
angry as hell for the sake, of being /
angry as hell with a drink, watching my /
talent just all go to waste while other wack /
rappers get cosigned by Drake and Elliott /
Wilson and Pigeons and Planes, afterwards /
I’m always pissed i hit play, why do we /
even sit and entertain the lameness that /
plagues our music today, my first /
LP had nothing but content and flows but no /
one seemed to listen but whenever I got to /
spittin’ ‘bout killin’ these dudes on a track I got /
traction, i really meant it when i said that /
i, dropped some dope music all in your /
email submission and mentions but it’s what /
ever, love the supporters for real, but /
hate all of the politicians i just don’t /
care, about the things that you care about / i don’t tell you my whereabouts /
..i just keep it right here to the /
chest, and you can just hear about it when I’m /
done, so that anger had rolled up into /
one with the issues from earlier not to /
mention i was hurt from my earlier ex /
still, i put some years into that, /
suddenly it ain’t seem wrong to just black out on /
tracks, dog i ain’t care who reacted /
...but God is much bigger than that… /
but i was too busy with raps, so…



… here I am /
cuttin’ this beat, like I’m Son of Sam /
Murderin’ tracks, just to do it and /
burning these bridges I’m Ludacris wit’ it I’m /
slick with this pen, so bloody slick with this /
pad you would think it’s a period flow /
throwin’ these flames, I’m next with it Smashin’ a /
lame in the game, I’m Ness with it, picking my /
time to attack I’m finessin’ it... try to /
.pin me down and I’m gigglin’ cuz I don’t /
even see boxes, guess I’m just blind to it /
.I’m GM and F1sh with it, listen I /
get it, the apprehension, but I can show /
you better than I can tell ya, don’t play this /
tape around law enforcement or a judge they’ll /
arrest you for illegal paraphernalia I’m /
dope, smoke me you’ll choke, shout out to /
***** we livin’ as kings, but i’m /
trying to redefine what exactly that /
means, crackin my crown on the street /
thankful for that title bestowed on me, but /
I’m wanting more, what else does the Lord /
have in store for ya boy, that’s why /
when i hear your music, uh I just get bored /
.Your standards define the word "trash" /
Tired of n*ggas that rap just to rap /
tired of n*ggas that trap just to rap /
tired of n*ggas that listen to trap and don’t /
quite realize it’s a trap /
tired of of n*ggas that gas the n*ggas that’s /
wack when they rap but they tell them they snap and they /
treat is a fact, n*gga, f*ck it i’m mad...

Track Name: Everything [prod. K1NG ELJAY]
Now it’s that dude that you’ve been privy to, droppin’ singles for the net while /
networking out his day job that’s tryna fire him /
can’t be mad at that I heard UPS is hirin’ but /
all of this back and forth is tiring so let me fire /
up this pen and pad and show exactly why you sleepin’ on me /
(hold it homie) slow it down cuz I’m just out here beastin’ /
creepin on beats that I’m leakin’ til this CLVRFLD EP is going /
harder especially after i just rerelease it chopped and /
screwed, (what you mean that I can’t listen to the streets) bruh I been /
out here peddling that bandcamp like Gamestop does with DLC /
but TMI bruh hope that company just die /
G(et).O(ff).M(y).D(**k) you should’ve never ever ever f**ked with me /
I will not lose….. ever… anybody else wanna try me /
my wife’s car’s trunk ain’t big enough for all of these bodies I be /
catchin’ when pen and pad’s the weapon, who gon’ check em /
you would think it’s CRASHprez the way you destined to catch this wreck

....yo, real question, you REALLY need the lyrics to the hook? It's super straight forward. No wordplay. No nothing, bruh. Just vibe. Verse 2 is below.

Shouts to my affiliates and rappers on the internet /
using gimmicks to garner attention guess that i forgot to /
mention these fake villians and Friezas all in my mentions that have /
no idea who the hell they toyin’ with, /
if you gonna diss someone then diss them ‘til there’s nothin’ left /
you should ask Gohan about Perfect Cell if we goin’ there /
but every bar you spit as made up as that anime /
Yajirobe flow cuz most just tryna cut and tail (tell) with /
females I’m aware that homie’s got balls to summon me /
but again, this is real life this ain’t make believe /
Don’t spit gun bars unless you’ve seen your friend shot up at a /
kickback and held him as his life force was coughed up /
rode in the ambulance wishin he was a Namek so that /
you could have a hope to bring him back to this planet /
but Shenron ain’t listen and Senzu Beans ain’t help /
so if you ain’t on my side then keep that shit to yourself and that's on /
everything.... I ain't the one for it...

(Hook that you don't need lyrics for)


This ain’t a diss to anyone… and I pray that people /
see that i ain’t tryna start beef in any way /
cuz that’s all played out, but if we crashin’ with titans /
realize I’m a beast on this beat, this is life to a lycan, it’s light /
I ain’t no stranger to the drama neither /
I’m tryna leave that all behind with the rest of all those bottomfeeders /
Too many people need me, so I ain’t bout to be that /
dude that responds to every single thing i see /
cuz see that’s old news, even though it’s so easy for me /
to boot up pro tools and give you exactly what you askin’ for /
and it’d be so cool, but see my destiny’s a /
bit bigger than the stupid things in my way /
so I’ll just slowly back away with my hand on the trigger /
but don’t come at me again or else you might not live to /
tell the tale cuz after all the South raised me /
and I ain’t quite the type to let your stupid words faze me /
I’m the type of n*gga that’ll let you think it’s dead then resurrect the whole /
feud just to prove that I meant what I said when I /
said I’d destroy your whole planet boy I planned it/
damage anyone that tries to push my hand, and I put that there on everything...
Track Name: (2 Minute Drill)​² [prod. K1NG ELJAY]
Part One |

How long I been working at my job…. /
(all day…) /
How long it take your favorite rapper to write that /
(aw wait) /
...I don’t think they can get to me /
stomping out beats just to get you to listen we /
...shouldn’t have to repeatedly /
flip our own beats just to 'murk it to show that we /
….nicer than most of these /
lyrical rappers that get posts so easily…. /
….but when you see them performing /
you fall asleep, thank God you caught some z’s /
I am tired of saying you cool when you suck /
I am tired of saying you (rule) when you /
(rooks) chasing (pawns) (across boards) for a (queen) /
when she sitting right next to me, shawty I got what you need


What you need, what you want /
I’m a beast, I’m a monster /
Kill it all, that’s the mantra /
RDFND The sponsor /
Empty clips, that’s that Contra /
Wack emcees, yeah we stomp em /
And we still animated with the /
flow you know we Bonkers


How to put this simply /
none of your rhymes are tempting, /
they look like dollar menus and your quality is skimpy, /
I ride by the drive through while blasting old Youtube /
parodies that hit harder than McDonalds or Wendys /
Told you not to box with Baraka that time /
Told you not to shower with Blanka, oh my /
Told you not to headbutt Honda, go blind /
or try to scare Zeus with thunder leave you frozen in tundra /
as I try to recover your mind /
sixteen unload quick and leave you froze as sh** /
as I slick rampage through these lines /
and kill without trying then go sip white wine I’m /
not playing with idiots no more /
buss him in the lip, give him stitches who want war /
kill em with the flow, make listeners want more /
toss the competition in ditches for encore /
I (pull cards and blow them up), who draw four /
slick with the (Gambits) no tellin’ what’s in store /
I’ll kick in your door waving pens like 44 with /
rhymes strong enough to toss you off top floor...


Bout to kill again /
I feel so in control of my powers to leave rappers /
sour on beats as I scour the earth to /
devour your peace don’t you run from a g I’mma... /
….monster, everybody know it now /
mixed with Sonic, what’s the point of slowin’ down /
mixed with Shawn Kemp, on a fast break /
Even Bill Walton wants me to throw it down /
....already proven to /
n*ggas I’mma be around, something like a ring /
lemme creep through your TV now, something like The Ring /
when I speak just to freak n*ggas out, something like a demon /
we can slug it out, Spider-Man in Manhattan /
cuz it’s poetic the way I seem to swing on n*ggas /
I’m like Tyga when I write it down /
cuz these sixteens ain’t a thing when I split it right now


Reprise, V2

Lord Jesus that boy bleedin’ /
stomp his heart out and let the last words that he see /
be the things he was subtweetin’, I’m tweakin /
Now his whole family is weepin cuz CLVRFLD /
took to the lyrics with that street sweepin’ genius /
that hits harder than iron (ironic cuz he) /
shakin’ like he’s anemic and squeamish from the /
hits like a quadriplegic i mean it I’m /
.fiendin’ for another beat I’m creeping /
and waiting for you to bring it I’ll clean /
it and make a rapper cry wolf go get him some Kleenex /
(who next) I’m Dhalsim with the reach /
you’ll get touched by a demon when he spit /
my team is e lite so we beasts on the mic we’re just teemin’ to /
suck all the life out your beat like we leeches and /
then we revive it to prove we don’t need it my n*gga... /
...but still you want more /
Kill the competition and dragged them up five stories /
Hung him out the window to prove that we bout war /
then threw his rhymebook in the corner for encore /
I still (pull cards) to (cut) (hearts) I’m (black) as the /
(spade in my hand) no tellin’ what it’s for /
(I kick in your door wavin’ pens like 44) you know /
what happens next, we’ve been here before....
Track Name: L-Boogie's Lament [prod. K1NG ELJAY]
I don’t quite understand what they want from me /
Everybody seem to vibe when I’m spittin, see /
Or when I’m ridin’ acting ignorant so visibly /
but whenever I get intelligent they stop listening /
Most traction I ever got on records were /
One when I’m dissin’ people are you kiddin me /
Gone off the anger see, loadin’ up bangers just to /
Maim anybody that truly think they seein’ me /
..lyrically, but then it hit they ain’t /
Truly want me for me, they just see the talent, b /
So I had to let it breathe…. /
Back away slowly with the hand on the detonator /
‘Fore I drag a hater help him meet his maker make ‘em say a /
Prayer before I regulate and send him up to Nate Dogg /
Dawg, I’m so irritated with these fakers let me just /
address the situation that I’m placed in, no Miseducation /

You might win some but you just "Lost One"/
"Forgive Em Father", they don’t know what they’re after /
they just wanna be a "Superstar" bad bruh /
to the point where "Nothing Really Matters", cool but you /
Might win some but you just "Lost One" /
I hope you realize this is your "Final Hour" /
it’s false hope tryna find your way "To Zion" /
cuz "Every Ghetto Every City" tryna find it, but "Everything is Everything"

"Everything is everything /
I can see the people tryna use me as a comeup /
but this is not a game to me, they thinkin that I’m their /
"Ex-Factor" to come back in this thang, but this ain’t /
Marvel vs Capcom 3, I’m a Titan so they /
Got their sights set to Attack on me but if you /
Ain’t truly, supporting RDFND /
then there’s not really reason to speak,/
so don’t link with the purpose to leech, I rock with dope /
People and hopefully they rockin with me /
money laundering the flow, cuz ain’t no stoppin a G, /
super Smug when on the couch cuz with the greatest of ease, I can /
Touch tracks and KO like Dudley you see /
so hit me If you need a feature, I’ll kill it for free /
unless you Eh then I’ll kill for a fee, unless you trash then I’ll /
Tell you stop rapping, try me and see....listen....

Yeah everything is everything /
Can’t front because I’m worried ‘bout a couple things /
Couple members can’t contribute to the cause hope they /
Don’t get offended when I cut the business off I’m not /
Here for the wishy-washy visions, move in one /
accord or just move, I’m relentless, not trying to /
Link with people that own wishlists when we got the
Talent and skill just to get it, yeah it’s kinda /
Sad, but I lay up at night "When It Hurts So Bad" /
cuz this is what I wanna do with my life, short /
Term strife never dissuaded my fight, long /
Term suc-cess is the strive, been through hell for this /
No more takin’ L’s unless it’s done for the team, /
No more fightin' with others less we playin for rings, I’m tryna /
make sure that one day we all can sit and say that we /
did it, while vibin to "Doo Wop (That Thing)", 'til then...